Thursday, December 22, 2011

New year resolution-- Day 1

I am so excited! Day 1... finally I put myself on the scale, 135lbs... this will be a fresh start!!! My goal is 115lbs with a more toned body. I didn't eat much breakfast, just glass of fresh milk. Lunch, I had a lobster roll. Dinner was just a small bowl of noodle soup, not the instant one, but my mom's "famous" vegetable noodle soup with an egg on the top. Plus I made a fresh pineapple water!
My baby didn't sleep till 11pm, so I had plenty of time to work out, she was running around me the whole time. My dear hubby got me a work out dvd Jane Fonda's ultrasliders from Target on sale only $4.95, it was awesome though. Just shows, you don't need much to get a good workout. I love it and I'm still feeling sore today. I have tried many work out dvd before, slim in 6, billy's boot camp, turbo jam, 8 min core, and the 8 min series. All are good, just have to stick to it.My favorite was the turbo and 8 min combo work out routine, it kept me fit before my pregnancy. I'm not a professional, not an expert at diet, and definitely not a fitness expert. Just a normal girl going through the challenges and goals for myself. Hope you enjoy my journey.

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