Monday, April 16, 2012

Denim shirt and black lace shorts

Rag Bone denim shirt 
H&M crop top
Lulus lace shorts
Mr. Kate necklace
BCBG Clutch
Dollskill fox fur key chain
Jeffery Campbell wedge

Lace shorts are always something I will reach to when I am in my closet, I do have it in black white and all kinds of different laces, is elegant, sexy and fun, and it can matches everything: a cardigan, a leather jacket, a blazer or even a denim shirt. BTW, If you observe more closely, you would see the swan that is floating on my top, that is a perfect image to match the lace on my shorts in my opinion...


  1. Love the lace shorts beautiful!

    Thanks for visiting my page :)

  2. great styling! love it! xx


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